There are 3 steps to establishing a bore.

Permits and Licenses
First you will require a permit or licence applicable for your intended use of the bore. These vary from state to state. The forms needed to apply for a bore in NSW are attached below.

NSW Office Locations

Licence Application

Bore Application
In addition within NSW the driller must be licensed. Britts Drilling Services is fully licensed with rotary air and rotary mud endorsements on their licence. Britts can assist you in completing the application if required.

Locating a Suitable Site
Britts can assist in site location using Satellite Technology if required, plus we have detailed local knowledge in most areas.

Drilling, Development and Pumping Tests
Britts has extensive experience in drilling and developing bores. We make sure the rig is properly set up prior to the commencement of any drilling operation. Where appropriate we ensure all environmental aspects are assessed and we comply with EPA standards.

Bores are appropriately cased and capped. If further head works are required we can assist with this as well.

All bores are pump tested and basic water salt content test conducted with results provided to the customer.

Britts can also advise on suitable pumping solutions for your particular bore/application. No 2 bores are the same so professional advice here can mean the difference between a good bore and a bad bore.

While we can not guarantee the quality or quantity of water that you will get from your bore Britts guarantee our workmanship is first class. In addition our team provides friendly efficient service with many satisfied customers.